Friday, July 11, 2008

Cake (or pie) Walk

This morning was a true test of my commitment to go for a walk every other morning. I had a somewhat sleepless night not only because of the storms but due to some really good coffee I had with my pie at Bakers Square last night. The pie, French Apple Cream Cheese, was out of this world good; it is also the culprit for my insistence on walking. It was drizzling at 0530 and I was waffling in my commitment. I was comparing sticking with the Narrow Way (Go for your walk, wimp) and turning to the easy way (It's yucky out and you're tired anyway) when the going gets tough. In the end, being sure I wouldn't melt in a puddle of sweetness, I laced up my shoes and took off for my power walk, proud of myself for sticking with it.

I got about three blocks when a giant clap of thunder rang across the sky. It was then that I had the blind obedience talk with myself. Was I more interested in doing the right thing only for its own sake? Yes, it is good to be committed to something. It is also necessary to examine that commitment and make sure it is the right one at the right time. Sometimes I get really caught up in doing something just because I started it. Knowing when it is okay to not do something is as important as knowing when to continue. This morning, knowing when to turn back did not make me a quitter or a wimp, it just made me smart. And a tiny bit drier.

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