Monday, July 28, 2008

Rocks, Flowers, and Cheetahs

Yesterday was a test of my character. To backtrack a little, Saturday was our anniversary and I got some really big rocks. Not of the diamond variety, but of the granite cobblestone variety to do some landscaping in a forgotten section of our yard. Once we got the rocks in place, we (I) needed some flowers to plant in my soon-to-be rock garden, so we went to Stein's.

After clarifying to my husband that groundcover does not refer to black dirt, I picked out what I wanted and managed to stay somewhat in my budget. I took my purchases to the teenager at the cashier window (that's a clue) and she rang me up, giving me a total that was far less than what I had calculated. I confirmed with her that she rang up my flat of flowers, assumed I missed a sale sign someplace, and left. It was only as I was looking over the receipt on the way home that I found her error. She had charged me for a flat of annuals-$6, instead of a flat of perennials-$39. Herein lies the problem. I had tried to tell her I think she must have missed something, that it was too cheap. As I was mulling this over, a car passed with the license plate CHEEETA. Now, it could have said cheetah. Or it could have said cheater.

I did go back to the store and pay the difference so I can enjoy my garden with a clear conscience. This does not make me a hero, to do the right thing. It just makes me someone who, in this moment, saw a chance to right a wrong and actually did it. It's a good feeling.

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