Monday, July 7, 2008

Rest Easy

A couple of weeks ago, I read a really good book that brought on some really deep thoughts and realizations for me. Then last week my husband was on vacation. Home. All week. Not that having him around isn't compatible with deep thoughts. There is just a lot of "honey do" going on. I am blessed to have an extremely motivated guy. If I mention that it might be nice to move some bushes so I can put more flowers around the patio, he comes with a shovel two minutes later. I have learned over the years not to think out loud until I mean it.

This last week gave me a chance to enjoy the epiphanies I had the previous week. To really be content where I am at, and see what God has for me right in my own backyard. Literally. To hang out and appreciate my own family for a change, and connect with people I haven't had a chance to lately. While there are always projects on all four burners for me, I am resting in the Lord right now.

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