Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chronological Thought

As you know, I have been reading the Chronological Bible. So far, there haven't been any big revelations, but since most of Genesis is somewhat of a review, little thoughts have crept in. This week focused on Joseph, the one who was sold into slavery by his brothers. Eventually, the brothers come to Egypt for grain, learn what happened to Joseph, and give Jacob the wonderful news that Joseph is alive and wants them all to settle in Egypt. What is not mentioned is if the brothers come clean to their father. I wonder if they ever told Jacob the truth of how Joseph ended up in Egypt. I can hear the bellowing now: "YOU DID WHAT?!!!" I totally would like to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.


  1. I like this post:)

    You have been tagged "it" for "picture tag". If you want to play, check out my post from today (Sunday). It was good to talk to you the other night:)


  2. Though the story is familiar as ever, for some reason, reading it this time, I have been able to put myself right in the action. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it is the NLT--or maybe it is reading it each day, but I have been able to see the connections with the generations clearer.

    I am so glad you are still going strong--we both have to finish this goal--Amy, too!

  3. GREAT POINT!!! I was also going to comment about something with Joseph on my blog just haven't got to it yet! But my thing was how Joseph forgives his brothers and says that it was not them who put him where he was, but GOD! It was God's plan ALL ALONG to send him ahead of his brothers. Now that I thought was cool!