Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Picture Tag

Ok, let me tell you, I'm not good at these kind of games. You know the emails that ask a million questions and then want you to put your answers in and send it to 10 friends and the person who originally sent it to you. All to find out that you and someone else cried at the same movie. I know that makes me sound like a serious party pooper. Which I am not. I am super fun. As a matter of fact, I spent tonight playing Apples to Apples with my daughters and my mom. Then we tried to make a play-doh cast of my mom's tooth because she cracked it tonight when we were out to dinner. Now she has to explain to her dentist tomorrow why her tooth is full of play-doh. Tell me I'm not fun...

Anyway, my bloggy friend Heaven tagged me for a picture game. You are supposed to go to your 4th picture folder and pick the 4th picture. Then, you "tag" 4 people to post their 4th picture.Here's my picture:

This is Connor and Justin in 2006. We were up north on a getaway with my mom, grandma, daughter, and I. It was actually really fun. Like I said, we are a fun bunch. Looking at this picture just reminds me of how fast time flies. The baby with the pacifier is potty training and sleeps in a big boy bed. Connor is in school now. I used to think those days would never come. Now I'm hoping for them to slow down a little. I loved those little matching shirts.
Ok, your turn. My computer is acting up so I can't link, but would Amy at Insanely Blessed, Luanne at Less of Me, Shelley at Crumbs from a Full Plate, and the Blacksheep family please post their 4th picture. If you really don't want to, ok. Party pooper.

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