Thursday, March 31, 2011


I saw the hill in the distance, and gauged my strength and ability to run up it. Maybe I would just walk. Maybe I would take a route with a smaller hill. Instead, I set my eye on a tree close to the top and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I wasn't able to run up the whole thing, but that was ok. I kept moving in the right direction, and in that moment, it was all that mattered. Just keep moving. About halfway up, I wondered why I didn't take the easy way. About 3/4 of the way up, I turned and looked behind me and couldn't believe I had come so far.

You can see your hill in the distance. Maybe it isn't a real hill in a neighborhood with mail boxes and houses and trees lining it. Maybe it is unemployment. You feel like you've been on the uphill for long enough, and don't see any other way. Maybe your hill is a marriage, or a child, in crisis. Right now all you see is the hill, and it looks insurmountable.Maybe your hill is an illness that just doesn't quit. There are good days and bad days but the hill is always there. Maybe your hill is are just so doggone tired of doing life by yourself, even if you are surrounded by people. I know that will make sense to someone out there. Maybe you are a little weird, like me, and get excited about the hills, but still find yourself questioning "Why?" about halfway up.

I'm on a bit of a hill right now. Here's what I am thinking:
  • Whatever is happening today is somehow preparing me for tomorrow. God has a plan for it.
  • The hill might not be as big as I think.
  • How I handle the hill is more important than the hill itself.
  • Will I trust God to give me the direction and strength to keep climbing?
I know it's not much...but these are my thoughts, such as they are on a beautiful sunny day.


  1. I so hit a major hill last week. I was just in an all around bad mood, and something was really grating on me, I think you what it is since I expressed my frustration to you several times about it. Anyway, my bad mood just seem to make it worse I was seriously on the brink of burning some bridges, but I didn't, and when I unbunched my underwear I realized that it wasn't about what I thought it was about, it was more about how I was handling it and not about the thing itself. Lesson learned.