Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unsure but Undaunted

Today I got some challenging news that involves my youngest child. Apparently (said with slight sarcasm) I was supposed to fill out an application so he can attend the school his brother currently attends, even though I answered appropriately when asked on the original attendee's application that he would also be attending.

I did not fill out said application. There is not a spot at said school for said child. He is #32 on a waiting list. All of this is said with great frustration.

When mentioning all of this to another mom, she said that she never intended her child to be at the school where he currently is. The school where we met up and have formed a fast friendship. She said it was the best unintended blessing thus far. The whole school thing, not just meeting me, just to clarify.

So, yes, I'm irritated with myself.

Yes, I'm frustrated with the process.

And yes, I'm feeling responsible for messing up the family harmony and plans for next year.

But, in the midst of it all, I am looking for God and the blessings He intends to pour out through this. While I don't know what it will look like, I know that thinking I am in control of everything is really a farce. And God has called my bluff here. Time to rest in the goodnes of Adonai, Lord of Lord, Sovereign.

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