Monday, June 23, 2008

Again, Be Here Now

During my weekend of bargain hunting I picked up a book called "God, I Know You're Here Somewhere, Finding God in the Clutter of Life." At present I am trying to lay in the sun on a cloudy day so my birthday dress (not b'day suit!) looks pretty at dinner tonight. Anyway, I just came across a line that was too good not to share: My real life isn't in the way. It points the way. Wow! So many times I have wondered what God wants from me and how am I supposed to accomplish it in my present situation. This author reminds me that I have to first look for Him here, and He will take me to places yet undreamed of. I do need to be bonked in the head repeatedly with the same information before it sinks in. I think we're getting closer!


  1. What a great thought...maybe even a good title for a mom time lesson.

  2. How was that B'day dinner with the new B'day dress, anyways? Hope you had a really HAPPY Birthday!