Friday, June 27, 2008

A State of Equilibrium

I finished the book I was reading, about finding God in the clutter of life. Wow! What an awesome read. Fluffy enough to be fun, filled with anecdotes from the author's life, but deep enough to have me scrambling to find a pen to underline stuff. (No, I'm not making any commission should anyone try to find the book.) Most of you who know me know that I am a do-er, not a be-er. Always looking for what God needs me to do. Always waiting for that next door to open, like there is actually a tier system of service, instead of one Body and many parts. Anyway, the author, Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse, said what if no doors are opening or closing because we are already in the room. Not feeling any particular prompting or call towards something because I am already where I'm supposed to be. Living in such an achievement-oriented society makes this kind of thinking (for me anyway) sort of revolutionary and out of the box. Not that I think God wants me to stagnate where I'm at for the rest of my life. But to recognize that in this time, in this place, with these people, is where I belong. How cool is that?

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  1. Very cool. Sounds like a very in tune writer with a solid message. Enjoy very much getting to know you more and more through your blog. Thanks for writing it. I check it all the time and have been thrilled to see all of your recent postings.
    Have a great day.