Monday, June 9, 2008

Calm in the Storm

Everyone has a story to tell after the wild weather this weekend, and this is mine. Rob's plane was delayed Friday for about six hours, so instead of being home in time for dinner, it was after bedtime. The storm had pushed out over the lake by the time I could head to the airport. I was rewarded for the long day with the most spectacular view of the storm clouds over Lake Michigan. As the sun was setting in the west, the towering thunderheads were changing color from hot pink to cotton candy blue. It was so amazing. I was grateful for the delay in the baggage claim area so I had 20 extra minutes to stare out my car window, listening to worship music and seeing God's handiwork at the same time.
During Saturday's afternoon adventure I was driving to pick up my 16 year old son from work around 4 pm. The tornado sirens started blowing on the way to the hardware store he works at and I could see lightening dancing in the distance. After I dropped him off at his house, the sky darkened and the wind picked up. I was getting a little nervous at this point. I began to pray aloud and was so glad for the words God has written on my heart. Even though I was afraid, I kept repeating Jeremiah 29:11, "Lord, I know the plans You have for me. Plans to give me hope and a future, to prosper me, not to harm me." How wonderful to know that even if I would have gotten sucked up and landed in Oz, or possibly South Milwaukee, it would be part of God's perfect plan for me. So glad I can trust in Him.

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