Saturday, June 28, 2008

Humble Pie

I've heard that to confront your own sin, you have to name it. Call it by what it is. Since I am considered a bit of a control freak by some, I think I would call that PRIDE. I like things my way, because in a lot of instances, especially related to my older kids, I think I know best. Somehow being a restaurant manager in the past leaves me feeling the need to manage things in all areas of my life, including friendships. Also, I was a big fish in a very small pond for awhile. Slowly, though, I am learning that people can relate to one another without it needing to directly involve me. Did you know that with one very small exception the entire world's population is made up of other people? People who really don't care what I'm thinking about them or even that I exist in the first place? Who knew? Anyway, all these things boil down to one sin: PRIDE. I am good at putting myself low on the food chain-I am a mom after all. I just like to be recognized for my self-sacrificing nature. I would love to be humble...but what if no one notices?

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