Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Peas in Different Pods

Like many mothers and daughters, my mom and I have a quirky relationship. We are alike in so many ways. For example, we both can only buy something if it's on sale. We both love to eat. We both think I'm funny. (She's smart, too.) We both like things to be our way, which isn't always the same way. My mom can make beautiful jewelry and baskets because she likes everything to be very precise. For this same reason, she can't make cards with me because sometimes things don't line up perfectly and she finds this frustrating. She blames this on being a Virgo. Yes, I know astrology isn't biblical, but my mom is a Buddhist. She marches to a different drum than I do on a lot of topics.
I went to her house tonight to cut her grass because she is having some back problems. As I was cutting lines that weren't exactly straight, I wondered what she was thinking. When I got done, I apologized to her Virgo nature and explained that my Cancer nature came over to nurture her yard and love on her grass and that I couldn't worry about how straight or perfect it was. We laughed. Then she had me recut a few sections that were extra crooked. I know she loves me and she knows I love her. Even though we see almost everything differently, she's my mom.

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  1. After rushing to my momma's side this week (while she steadily told me not to come) and then seeing her be glad just like I knew she would be - I totally get this post. Just love her like God made you and soak up all God gave her to give.