Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Works

I happened on to a new blog that I am really enjoying. Her real name is Heaven. Not only does she have good posts, she is a for real person. The things I think, she writes. I am liking being challenged by her. Her last post was about freedom. It made me think about when I used to feel really free. Not in a 'do whatever I want' kind of way, but the free you feel when a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The free you feel on the first day of summer vacation. Giddy and excited and limitless. As I'm writing this, my mind is racing. I am beginning to understand Jesus' desire that we come to Him like little children, full of anticipation. Jesus is not asking us to come to Him so we can be filled with complacency. He wants us to have joy, life to the full. Not status quo.

My prayer for myself, and you, is that we are filled with the fire of our Living God. To stop being so busy in dotting the i's and crossing the t's that we miss out on the big adventure of following Christ.


  1. Praise God! It goes both ways! When I read my comments and see that God is truly impacting people through my words, I get EXCITED and more passionate for Him. Imagine the possibilities of all of God's children getting passionate for Him at the same time, becoming the fierce army of God, and taking back everything the enemy has stolen from us. (including our nation!) I am excited to hear your fire igniting because that means it's going to spill over to someone else who is going to be ignited as well. You are such a blessing!!! Love ya in Christ:)

  2. Debbie~ I have to tell you that I really felt led to go back and read through your previous posts. Wow! You were speaking MY thoughts. I love your zuccinni(?)story and it was like God was speaking directly to me at this moment. It's no accident that God led me back here this evening! You are a blessing more than you know lady!