Sunday, October 26, 2008

Story of "God of This City"

Being a huge Chris Tomlin fan, I listen to everything he sings. His new song God of This City has the most amazing story behind it. There is an Irish band called BlueTree that was visiting friends in Thailand. Without being overly graphic, anything and everything of a sexual nature is for sale there, with women and children being exploited to an unbelievable degree. This band finds themselves able to play a set at a bar frequented by prostitutes and out of town business men. They are allowed to play for as long as they keep buying sodas. They sang every worship song they knew for hours, over and over. Suddenly they began singing this song, one they had never heard or played. It was like a word straight from God to the hopeless and the lost, in a place that needs the light of Christ more than anything. I can tell you personally, when I heard the story behind the song on KLOVE,I got some serious Holy goosebumps. I couldn't speak for the tears running down my face. I know beyond anything I have known before that the Lord Himself delivered this song to that band in that place. Enjoy the video! By the way, I got my Chris Tomlin tickets to his January 31st show in Madison, 16th row!!


  1. Love this song even more now that I know the story behind it. Our worship team sang and played this on their float for the Oktoberfest Parade. That's awesome!

    16th row??? It must feel pretty good to be you right now!

    Got snow yet??? It flurried for a half hour today. BRRRRR!

  2. Thanks for the background - it really opens up this song knowing the "what" behind it. Thanks for the post!