Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Game I Can Play

You know those email chain letters that ask you 20 questions and want you to answer it and forward it to 5 friends? Well, I usually fill myself in on the question "Most likely not to answer this" and send it back. Frankly, I don't think anyone cares what color shirt I'm wearing today or what the last movie I cried during was. A well timed long distance commercial can get that award. Anyway, I think I found something useless but fun to be excited about:

The Six-Word Memoirs.

How would you describe your life in six words? Click here to see some funny ones, and the book they came from.

I have lots of ideas, but I'm having trouble choosing the right six words. Here are some finalists:
  • I'm dazzled by my own humility.
  • Slow start but a strong finish.
  • Psalm 40, but is that cheating?
  • But it was a real recipe...(that was for my girls!)
  • I gave it my best shot.
  • This is harder than it looks.
  • So that's where they come from.
  • Lived well, laughed often, loved much.

Just for fun, leave a comment with your own Six Word Memoir. I promise not to send you any emails asking what you had for dinner or where you went to grade school. But in case you are wondering about me, frozen pizza and JE Jones in Cudahy. Yes, I said Cudahy.


  1. That would be soooo much fun to go to his concert. It's only like a...2 or 2 1/2 hr. drive from here. Just the other day we had Kutless here, but it's tooooo loud for me:) Staying warm? I finally turned my heat on yesterday. It was great.

    6-word memoir...She gives up way too easy

    or...Striving, yet having already achieved everything

  2. Yes, I was blessed and held out on my heat as long as possible. But I am definitely welcoming the toasty warm air blowing through my vents. Yes, I love roadtrips, and I hear a concert calling my name..."Heaven...come see Chris Tomlin..." See, so I guess I have to go:)