Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fresh Air

Did you ever just need to get outside of yourself, to experience some of the BIGNESS of God? I felt like that this weekend, and got to achieve it to some degree. During worship time at Bible Study, there was a picture of a woman standing on a hill overlooking a body of water, her arms outstretched in worship. Looking at that picture, I almost felt physically unable to stay confined to the chapel. I had this need to get outside, get to the highest point, and shout out to God. I felt like I wouldn't be able to get high enough, or close enough to stay sane.

I talked my husband into going for a walk at Minooka Park with the boys on Saturday. There is a spot all the way up the road that comes out at the top of a hill. Not a huge hill, but big enough. The view was beautiful with all the trees giving glory to God in a burst of color. Even Connor commented that the trees must be really happy to look like that. We just spent some time running up and down that hill, enjoying the view and the fresh air. While I didn't shout out to God, I did thank Him for His bounty and goodness in our lives.

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