Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Afraid of the TRUTH?...

God speaks to us through the experiences and reference points in our lives, and true to form, I am hearing Him through the Disney Channel. Or more accurately, I am not hearing from Him through the Disney Channel. Have you noticed that at Christmas time, every show on TV puts out a warm and fuzzy show, somehow relating itself to the birth of our Savior, but at Easter time everyone is strangely silent? A cute little baby in swaddling clothes is safe. A grown man killed and raised from the dead is definitely not safe. It is way too easy to look away from the cross. Not even the Disney Channel wants to go there.

I would challenge you not to look away. Stop living in the land of Baby Jesus and accept Him for Who He is, the Risen Son of our Almighty God. Accept the power of the cross in your life. Accept Him for Who He truly was, is, and is to come.


  1. Great reminder Debbie! In reading this, I realized that, I too, am guilty of the following charge. I do not spend enough time talking to my kids about the redemption and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We talk about Jesus dying, but not about the power of the cross because of the resurrection, which is what Easter is all about. Thanks for the timely nudge:)


  2. I TOTALLY AGREE with this!!!!!!! It's all about the Easter Bunny and candy instead of the cross. Maybe everyone should watch the passion for Easter! What does the world think EASTER is about anyway??

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