Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today is the day in between Good Friday and Easter. It is a time of reflection for me, even though I know how the story ends. Attending the Good Friday service at FRCC last night was very moving. It put me face to face with the cross and what Jesus did for me, personally. To nail my name to the cross before leaving reminded me that I am just as guilty as the people who actually crucified Him. As I sat listening to the song Facedown by Matt Redman, tears of intense sadness rolled down my cheeks. All I could pray, over and over, was "Lord, let me be enough for you." Not in a religious, ritualistic way, but to live my life in a way that makes His sacrifice worth it. That I might glorify Him through my every thought, word, and action. I am thankful for the time I had to reflect last night, and this weekend, to make this Easter a truly joyous celebration. My prayer for myself, and each of you, is that His sacrifice not be in vain.
Here is the song, but at the service it was set to the Crucifixion scene from the Passion.

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  1. We sang this song in worship today and I was in tears. There is something so moving about this song. Being ushered into His presence and standing there before Him so unworthy yet pure and spotless because of the blood of Jesus that covers us. Standing before Him in reverence...