Sunday, April 19, 2009

Self-righteous or In God's Will?

I am feeling frustrated today. I feel like every time I open my mouth at home, someone is getting upset with me. It isn't always the same someone; sometimes it's the husband, sometimes it's the little kids, sometimes it's the big ones. The weird part is, I am not trying to be difficult. I am trying to be nice. I am trying to be generous with what I have. I am trying to share what I have learned. On every level, though, and in almost every action, I am met with resistance. Or I am told why my way is wrong. Here's the rub, though: I have lined up my thoughts and actions with God's word. I am trying to honor God with my choices. I am not trying to be self-righteous, but according to a few opinions it seems to come naturally. In every instance, I am wanting to set a better example than one I have set in the past. To paraphrase 1 Peter 4:19, am I suffering for doing God's will?Or, is all the opposition and hostility a sign that I am in the wrong? How do I know? I feel like I am standing in a very gray place today.
Afterthoughts: Thanks, Luanne, for your wise counsel. That, combined with the Voice of Hope class that I attended last night, gave me a lot of room to think. I probably do come across like a ton of bricks, instead of gently and with love. A quote by St. Francis of Assisi seems appropriate here: Preach the gospel to everyone, using words rarely. Or something like that. Stop talking, in a nutshell. Pray more. Stop acting like it all depends on me to hold everything together. Be quiet and give God room to work. Not easy for a self-confessed control freak.


  1. Gray place on a gray day. I will pray for wisdom, Debbie. This will take discernment through prayer. Sometimes it's our choice of words, sometimes wrong timing, other times our tone of voice--and then it may be conviction that they are fighting. God will lead you on this one! The good thing about being in gray areas is that it compels us to seek hard after our Father. Hang in there!

  2. Hi... I came over here from the LPM blog. I liked your play doh idea as well! I guess your comment made me want to pop over here to see what you are all about. I could tell right away that you are a woman I can relate with. I'm married for a second time, too! God got my attention in these past few years! Anyway, I loved what I read on this first post! I think I need to use less words. Ouch... I just got convicted! I like your blog. I'm going to go rad some more! Nice meeting you!
    Angie xoxo

  3. oops... I'm going to read some more! I need to slow down! :)

  4. Hello! I just popped over from the LPM blog. Great blog you have here and I like the title regarding Ninevah! I am also doing the Scripture memorization with Beth and I liked how you separated your Scripts out under a label. How did you do that? I am blog-challenged. Also, I can relate to this post. God is still teaching me about His timing and sharing timely advice with my kids and doing a whole lot of listening (they are all in college now). I have been practicing my "uh hum," and "I see," skills instead of giving them my godly "good" advice unless of course they ask for my input which is rarely the case. God bless ya! Dana