Saturday, April 18, 2009

LPM Verse #8

Keep on doing the things that you have
learned and received and heard and seen in me,
and the God of Peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:9
Sometimes I need encouragement to keep on keeping on, and this scripture brings a promise of peace with it if I do those things. It's easy to get convicted of something, or read a good book and want to change, but it is harder to not forget after a couple weeks. There is peace and freedom in following the narrow way, but it is not always the easy way.
Rationalizing sets in. "How can I be expected to do such and such if no one is cooperating with me?" "It's not really that big of a deal, anyway."
Selfishness sets in. "Let someone else take a turn. I always do it." "You want me to give away what!?"
Pride sets in. "I am tired of being the one to give in." "I really think I am right this time."
God's Word teaches us that when we are willing to yield our desires to accomodate someone else's, we are honoring Him. He accepts these things as a sacrifice, holy and acceptable, to Him. He has given us the way to not only talk the talk, but how to walk the walk. And when we do, the God of Peace promises to be with us.

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