Friday, April 24, 2009

Updates About Everything

This blog is kind of an update on my life. In living the bloggy life, I tend to share my heart and excitement about things, then move on. Not that I think anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat wondering if I'm still praying the Prayer of Jabez, or Love Daring, or any number of things I get hyped up about. Here is an effort to remain accountable about things that have impacted me over the last few months.
  • The Prayer of Jabez: Big thing for me. I do pray for God to bless me, to use me, to always lead me in that, and to keep me from evil. The understanding of that prayer has changed. I am not looking necessarily for categories to be answered individually, if that makes sense. If I am blessed with an opportunity, I pray that God lead me through how it should go, that it is through His resources that His will is accomplished, and that the sin nature I could bring to a situation be kept from His mission. If that makes any sense. It does to me. He has blessed me with opportunities to impact others for Him, and with the resources to make that happen. My prayer is that my own pride and control freakishness stay far from this.
  • The Love Dare: Still doing it. It is a 40 day challenge, and I have been doing it on and off for about a month, so I am on Day 16. Some days just don't lend themselves to checking off a dare, but everyday has been eye-opening. One day I was supposed to ask my husband for a list of 5 things that bother him about me. If someone asked me for a list, I would probably be challenged to stop at five. I waited anxiously for his list. He surprised me by starting his list with 5 things he loves about me, then a few things he would like to see different. I was really floored, and chastised, that he would handle the opportunity to complain about me that way. The biggest take-away so far is to view him as holy, that is, set-apart for a higher purpose. Actually, every day has been eye-opening and convicting. You should all get the book, if not to do the dares, at least to read each entry.
  • Chronological Bible: Still reading. It is April 24th and I am on April 14th. Still in the ballpark. Once Bible study is over I can get caught up. I do really like the format though.
  • Beth Moore Challenge: I am right on track. At this rate I will have memorized 26 new verses by the end of the year, and kept them all memorized. I am at eight now, and doing pretty well. I know if I say quiz me when you see me I will get all tongue tied, but I can do them outloud by myself. The biggest challenge is choosing something that I haven't already memorized. On the other hand, it has challenged me to search God's word for new treasures. Every verse I have chosen has chosen me. They have all spoken a truth I needed to hear.

I am an exciteable person who likes a challenge. That being said, I am also a person who gets really hyped up about something, until something else catches my eye. A friend of mine always says, "Look, a butterfly!" whenever I go off on a new tangent. I am trying to finish one thing before moving on to something else. Finish strong, right? Don't get sidetracked in the middle of the race. I kind of feel like these are all things that please and honor God, but that if I am not careful, none of them will be able to complete their full work. It is my prayer, for me and for you, that we stay excited about the things God wants us to be excited about, and that the rest of the things fade away. I am excited about my life, my challenges, the opportunities God has given me, and the place He has taken me to in my journey. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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  1. some of us are on the edge of our seat wondering/waiting for follow-ups/updates. you didn't mention one I've been waiting for though - have you started flute lessons?