Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bicycle Banter

You know, God will speak to you wherever you are at. Last summer He did a whole lot of talking during my jogging time. This year there is no jogging time, but a lot of time spent with kids riding bikes. If you don't know, Justin, 3, learned to ride his bike without training wheels. There is a whole lot of "guidance" going on.
  • We are expanding our bike rides to include crossing the streets. I am constantly telling the boys to not cross behind me, but cross on the inside, while I block them from the road. God gives us the same message. He hems us in, going behind us and ahead of us (Psalm 139). It is when we try to sneak around the barrier that we get hurt.
  • You have to learn how to fall so you can be safe. That is Justin's explanation to me about why he falls off his bike and gets back on. There is deep 3-year-old wisdom in that. If you learn how to fall properly, in a godly way so to speak, you won't get as hurt.
  • And, last, sometimes you need to take the training wheels off before anyone but you thinks it's a good idea. Sometimes you might be the only one who thinks something is a good idea, and you just need to go ahead with it. I don't actually recommend that advice often, but, once in a while it works!

Anyway, it promises to be a long summer of hearing myself talk. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't. Hey...I thnk He just agreed with me.

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  1. There is lots of good wisdom in this post. I especially like the falling properly part - we have to learn to embrace "failure" in order to succeed.

    Happy running with the bikes!