Sunday, July 12, 2009

Handfuls of Love

Hey, kids, you know, God is good. He is just good. No way around it. Many of you were kind enough to ask how dinner with my dad went. It went well. No earth shattering revelations or fresh vows of getting together more often, but a sociable time none-the-less. My kids acted up because the grown-ups were busy talking together, but I had a feeling that would happen. I handled it without coming unglued. I had to chuckle though because as soon as dinner was done my dad and stepmom hit the road so fast they forgot a coat and a pair of glasses. Since we don't actually plan to see each other for another six months I went ahead and mailed their stuff. God showed up to our get-together, even if no one could recognize it but me. He was so with me I could hardly swallow. He is enough.

I learned something last night during some Beth Moore homework: Love never fails. OK, so I have heard that before, and so probably have most of you. But here is the Greek translation of fails: to fall off or put down. Love never falls or is put down. If you reach out to someone in love and they reject it or don't respond the same way, your love hasn't failed. Your God, Your awesome Savior, is holding that love in His hand. It never fails. It may not be received in the way you intended, but it did not fail. So don't stop putting it out there. Don't give up, dry up, or shut up. Keep putting it out there. If for no other reason, you now know that God is holding it for you. Makes it a little easier to keep trying, doesn't it?


  1. Good morning Ms. Debbie. I am glad to hear that you could see God show up at your dinner. I am glad that the presence of God was upon you even when the kids acted like, well kids. It will be interesting for you how God can use this little moment, this seedling for the future. God's love does not fail. Thanks for the good reminder for my day.

    Kimberly, Isanti Minnesota

  2. "Don't give up, dry up, or shut up."

    I love this Debbie:)