Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She Speaks!

Hi Y'all!

How did that sound? I am getting ready to head to North Carolina, y'all, to attend the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference. It is my first time and I am super excited. It will also be the longest period time I have left my husband on his own with the kids.

This has been a long week of auditioning outfits to see what looks good, writing and practicing two talks to be evaluated on, and trying NOT to coach my husband on how to handle things.(Just in case Jen peeks here, I have nothing but bargains and hand-me-downs filling my suitcase, even some stuff I pulled out of a bag that I intended to bring to Goodwill.) I have not spent nearly enough time doing what I wanted mostly to be doing, spending time in prayer. I'm getting caught up in the details and not preparing in the way I know will be most beneficial, praying. But seriously, God knows my heart. None of these other ladies know me at all. You only get one first impression.

I am looking forward to connecting with the other ladies (sisters, really) who are also passionate about serving God and other women. God has gifted all of us, each and every one of us, in the way that will best serve the people He has put in our lives. I am praying that I am man enough to recognize that we may not all have the same gifts, and to not be jealous if someone is "better" than I am. I am also praying that God give me a humble heart, to be gracious to everyone. Even those who are better than me, lol.

I will be excited to tell all y'all about the conference when I get back. (For you Yankees, that is plural for y'all.)


  1. Well, I may be a southern girl now, but born and raised a big time yankee...so it's always 'you guys' for me. :)You are too funny...I peeked in and even if you went and spent $2000 on new clothes, I would be thrilled to meet you and see all that the Lord has in store. But since you didn't ...come show off those frugal fashionista finds. :)

    See you on Friday,

  2. HOW EXCITING!!! What a wonderful time you will have! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  3. Can't wait to hear what you learned!