Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charged Up!

I took my car into the shop to see why it is squeaking and clunking, and decided to put my bike in the trunk to ride home, instead of loading up the whole gang to drive me back. As I was pedaling along, I was thinking that it was easier than I thought it would be. I'd gone maybe 1/4 mile at that point...3 or 4 more to go, I wasn't sure. Then I rounded a corner and had to go across some railroad tracks. I paid close attention to make sure my tires didn't get snagged, then continued on my merry, semi-oblivious way.

I was cruising along some more, coasting on a flat stretch, when I could see a hill in the distance. Nothing you would notice by car, but biking is a different story. Instead of continuing to coast, I slipped into a lower gear and started pedaling harder, hoping to save up a little momentum to help me push up the hill. Propel me forward. Prosper me, in biblical terms. (Did you know the deeper meaning of prosper is to push forward, as God promises to do for us in Jeremiah 29:11?)

Life is like that sometimes. We get comfortable, coasting through the easier times. We just whistle our way through, unaware of rough terrain or a hill looming on our horizon. It is during these times that we should start storing up God's word in our heart, so it can propel us through the tricky times. God's word can be a lamp to our feet, but we need to keep the batteries charged. Have you ever tried to replace batteries in a burned out flashlight in the dark? Don't wait until the storms come and the lights are flickering to get charged.


  1. Good Afternoon from Isanti Ms. Debbie....No. I didn't know the Biblical meaning of prosper as to push forward and I LOOOOVVVEEEEE it!

    I am glad that you loved your day biking with Jesus. Tandem? :)

    Your side verse is very important to me.....thank you...good manna..good manna.

    Enjoy your weekend, bless you!!

  2. Awesome post. Who knew biking could be a biblical analogy??? You, of course:) I love how you tied this together... (BTW, test done, will know in 1 wk)

    Love ya! Heaven

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